Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates

Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates Law Office has an extensive experience in all aspects of real estate practice. We represent buyers, sellers and developers of residential and commercial properties in the islands of Rhodes, Symi, Karpathos, Kastellorizo, Tilos, Halki and Kasos.

We advise our clients every step of the way before buying the property by providing the following extended services:

  • Guide the preparation of documents required for buying property in Greece
  • Analyze the properties selected with the help of an experienced engineer
  • Issue a Tax Number with the competent authority
  • Open a Greek Bank Account
  • Appoint Notaries & Accountants
  • Draft a PoA for all actions related to the property acquisition
  • Approve promissory agreements and negotiate with sellers and their proxies
  • Conduct due diligence on real estate property title deeds & competent Land Registries & Cadastral offices for burdens, liens, confiscations, third party rights
  • Communicate with realtors, sellers, notaries, lawyers during the process of the transaction
  • Review notarial documents and drafts
  • Review sellers’ certificates and approve them if they are satisfactory
  • Attend and represent our clients on the signing of the conveyancing agreements (final contracts)
  • Provide oral translation in English on the date of signatures
  • Register the final contract with the competent Land Registry or Cadastral Office
  • Issue the property certificate
  • Draft and sign lease agreements with tenants
  • Register the lease with the tax authorities
  • Provide continuous support
  • and more services available on request.

Golden VISA Greece Program: Non EU citizens owning or purchasing property of a value/price in excess of 250.000 EUR can acquire a valid residence permit in Greece indefinitely, thus gaining access to all Schengen countries. This way property owners make the expanding of their access to Europe possible. Greece currently offers unprecedented opportunities in the real estate market as prices are low and prospects for a return in the original investment high so long as you make the right choice on the property. The supervision of an independent Greek property lawyer when buying property in Greece is extremely important as real estate law in Greece is complex and requires an independent, competent, honest/impartial party to search titles for defects or burdens, supervise, co-draft and approve the process of buying property in Greece. Our extensive experience on the area of Greek Real Estate Law and Investment Migration Law & Procedure (in the event you apply for a Residence Permit for Property Owners in Greece) shall provide you with peace of mind as you will end up with a clean property title and a successful grant of a residence permit (if you also happen to apply for a Schengen Residence Permit in Greece).
In the event of purchases toward the Golden Visa Greece Residency we provide the following additional services:

  • Collecting all necessary documentation for the residence permit application;
  • Submitting the application and documentation with the competent immigration office;
  • Receiving the Permit on your behalf;