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Law Office in Rhodes, Greece

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The experienced Law Office in Rhodes, Greece, of Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates offers a wide range of Legal  Services and provides an integrated frame of advice, covering every aspect and satisfying the requirements of both corporate and private entities.

The requirements of financial life today demand an appropriate specialised and professional environment, which the Law Office Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates wishes to create and offer its clients. Our top priority is to construct a strong and trustful relationship with our clients, making it clear that the main concern and purpose of our legal team is to conduct our business in the most professional and beneficial for our clients, way.

Our Law Office consists of highly skilled individuals with dynamic personalities. The high level of education, the in-depth knowledge of the science of the law and a willingness to undergo further education are virtues that are characteristic of the associates of our Law Office.

Efficiency in collaborating with other associates and the ability to communicate with clients and other colleagues are essential attributes for the specialised team. Every issue posed by our clients will be solved in the most practical and effective way.

"Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens"

Plato – Greek Philosopher,
4th century B.C.

Our Law Office has a long experience in Criminal and Civil Litigation having contributed to the issuance of court rulings, many of which were important Case Law and were published in the legal – and not only – press, as well as in legal databases.