Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates

Mediation is the most popular Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique in Greece. Since 2019 (L. 4640/2019) it has become mandatory for many civil cases. Its purpose is to manage and quickly resolve disagreements at a lower cost than formal civil litigation and with as little adverse impact as possible on business and personal relationships. Mediation consists of assisted negotiations in which the disputants agree to enlist the help of a neutral intermediary, whose job it is to facilitate a voluntary, mutually acceptable settlement. Having many years of experience and specialization in the field of negotiations, our Law Office undertakes to represent in the best possible way its clients in the mediation process. The Law Office Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates supports the institution of mediation for the faster and more economical resolution of cases, having already successfully processed a number of cases by appealing to this institution, as the interests and satisfaction of the interests always prevail.