Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates

Our Law Office advise and represent you in your best interest and in competent manner when handling the passing of property upon death (including internationally) and in the drafting of tailor-made last wills and testaments and durable powers of lawyer.

Inheritance disputes

Heirs may have to defend against claims for statutory shares and testamentary gifts. Claims may also be asserted against them from initially unknown creditors of the testator so that at least the heirs’ own assets need to be protected. We defend against such claims and assert such claims, both out of court and in court. We support co-heirs in the administration and the dissolution of the community of heirs.

Structuring during lifetime

In order to minimize inheritance disputes we design tax-optimized successor models for you. Last wills and testaments, inheritance agreements and assignment agreements during lifetime need to take individual circumstances in consideration and require tailor-made solutions. The order of executions of a will which we carry out as well is able to assure the execution of the last will. The full and complete provision advice also includes the drafting of living wills and durable powers of lawyer where standard templates are not an option and which need to be individualized, in particular for entrepreneurs.

International inheritance law

Due to the particular mobility of numerous clients, international inheritance law keeps gaining in importance. Even assets of a German national in a foreign country may be subject to foreign jurisdiction. These particularities may be used among others to legally circumvent UK laws on statutory shares or for tax optimizing purposes. We provide legal advice to our clients on the passing of property both before and after death.